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Struggling with wrinkles, fine lines, and aging spots? Don’t blame it on your actual age because sometimes, your age isn’t the only cause for bad skin.

Here at Beauty Extender, we provide you with information on why your skin is being compromised and how you can reverse or slow the signs of aging.

Skin Aging

Your skin can start aging while you’re still young. The environment and your lifestyle choices can take a toll on your skin, causing it to age prematurely.

Explore our beauty blog and you’ll find out how and why your skin is the way it is, as well as learn about what others are doing to prevent this problem.

Beauty Hacks

Some people rely on buying expensive beauty products to keep their skin young and healthy. That’s not always the case. Here, we’ll share some skin care routines in which you can use the products according to your tastes, as well as beauty hacks that will make your daily regimen a whole lot easier.

Are you struggling with aging skin and don’t know what to do? We’ve got you covered, girl! Browse through our website and discover how you can extend your youthful glow.

Skin Care

Banishing Undereye Circles: Can Kedma Eye Cream Make It Happen?

“Stop rubbing your eyes,” my mom would often say when she catches young, sleepy me rubbing my eyes in the morning. I always thought to myself, “I can’t help it!” I had no idea back then that my mom was simply saving me from
Beauty Tips

The Art of Bronzing: How to Get That Beach Goddess Glow

Applied perfectly, a bronzer could really help you achieve that year-round natural sun-kissed glow. Applied incorrectly, it could make your face look muddy instead of sun-kissed. To help you fake that perfect I-just-got-back-from-a-beach-vacation look even when it’s cold and freezing outside, here are easy

The Art of the Perfect Shave

Are you one of those men who absolutely loathe shaving? You’re not alone. For plenty of men, trying to stave off the dreaded stubble is an arduous process, but it is a necessary morning ritual that usually comes with razor burn and skin irritation.

How Body Butter Can Change Your Skin for the Better

Your skin deserves the best care possible. That is why most people purchase skincare products from trusted beauty brands like Kedma Cosmetics to give it the nourishment that it needs. Using a body butter, for one, offers the skin a great source of nutrients
Beauty Tips

How a Bronzer Changed my Makeup Game

Everybody loves a good tan. Well, okay, not everybody, but most people do. It adds a nice color to the skin and makes you glow like a goddess. Bronzers also have that power to sculpt your face and make you look a little bit
Skin Care

This Gold-Infused Skincare Product Changed my Views on Skincare

I’ve always been a bit hesitant when it comes to having gold in my skincare because hey, that’s not the most “normal” skin care ingredient, right? It is out of the ordinary, and I am not exactly the most adventurous type when it comes
Beauty Tips

Hair Problems 101: Easy Ways to Keep Flyaways Away

To start off, you need to keep in mind that flyaways are natural and that no one in the entire world is immune to them. But it also cannot be denied that flyaways can be a nightmare. You can easily achieve the flawless up-do,
Skin Care

How to Say Goodbye to Dark Spots

When you have a rash, an infection, acne, or some other kind of skin problem on your face, your first response is to clear it up. Sometimes, however, these skincare woes leave dark marks behind. These are due to injury and inflammation to your

Should You Use a Toner Daily? Get the Answers Here

Different skin types require different types of care. But using a toner is actually a step you shouldn’t miss whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin. If you’re looking for a toner that works, the one from Kedma Skincare comes highly recommended. Oily