This Gold-Infused Skincare Product Changed my Views on Skincare

I’ve always been a bit hesitant when it comes to having gold in my skincare because hey, that’s not the most “normal” skin care ingredient, right? It is out of the ordinary, and I am not exactly the most adventurous type when it comes to skincare, as I usually stick to a certain routine.

However, one of my most favorite skincare brands, Kedma Cosmetics, came out with their own line of skincare products that are infused with gold. This piqued my interest, as I usually tend to love every single thing that the company puts out. I then ended up putting their Gold Facial Peel to my cart and checking it out, as I was also in dire need of a good facial peel action.

And boy, was I thankful that I bought this amazing gold facial peel! It literally lightened my skin and removed all of my blemishes and imperfections. I immediately noticed a huge difference in just one use, and the more I use it, the more I see positive changes on my skin.

What Got Me Go for Gold

The gold facial peel is infused with 24K gold, which means you will get the purest type of gold in your skincare. If that is not luxurious enough for you, then I do not know what is. The peel promises to stimulate your blood circulation, making you look more radiant and glowing. It also helps with deep cleansing and relieving your skin and pores of dirt, grease, and perspiration.

The gold that is used in it is also meant to stimulate cellular growth of your epidermis, which helps with regenerating firm skin cells. It also helps with locking in moisture, increasing your skin’s collagen level, and preventing your elastin from breaking down. Lastly, the algae extract in it helps with the nourishment and firming of your skin and helps calm and condition it every single day.

I use this facial peel once to twice a week, which is why a bottle lasts me a long time. You do not have to exfoliate too often, as this can damage your skin further. Once to twice per week is enough, as this will help your skin be a lot smoother and softer. When using this, I apply the gel to my face, then I wait about one to two minutes for it to dry and settle in my pores. I gently massage it all over my face to get the blood pumping and to remove the dead cells.

I have been using this gold facial peel for over a year now, and I would never use any other facial peel in the market. This one has done it for me, and I am now a huge fan of gold-infused skincare, especially the ones from Kedma. It is just a miraculous product and I would never recommend it if it did not work for me! Go ahead and get a bottle for yourself now and see what I am talking about.