The Magic Touch of Origani: Keeping My Body Fresh and Renewed

woman covered in towel touching her body skinAdmit it or not, most of us are not too keen about skincare once the weather gets colder. In fact, some people choose to forego their regimen, thinking that the cold and wet season is not as harmful as the summer. The truth, however, is that regardless of the season, our skin still requires the same amount of care and protection to maintain its enriched and ageless glow.

Having learned this, I became very interested in finding ways to keep the blended and refreshed look of my skin even during the rainy season. This is how I’ve come to discover the Body Care Replenishing Manuka Honey Soap of Origani.

How Was It for Me?

To be honest, I was very surprised by this product. I love the fact that right after showering with this soap, my skin feels smoother and tighter. I could say that it does give me a renewed look, which makes me feel more confident.

I also found out about some of manuka honey’s healing benefits. More than just providing me with a blemish-free glow, this ingredient also has antibacterial components that help eliminate some of the nasty bacteria off our skin that often cause acne.

In addition to that, the product helped me simplify my day-to-day routine. It works even during the rainy season. What’s more is it’s gentle on the skin. I don’t feel any burning or painful sensation every time use it. Every bath time is like a spa day for me.

How Would I Rate It?

If I were to rate this product, I’d give it a 9 over 10. I totally love the formula it has, as it’s very gentle and smooth on my skin. Considering that I have super sensitive skin, the product was able to deliver, so I was really satisfied with it.

Overall, I really love it, so I’m seeing myself using this product for more years.