How I Combat Oily Skin

glowing skin

Having oily skin is one of the most common problems for us Filipinos. Having humid and usually hot weather doesn’t help and usually, this just makes matters worse. There are hundreds of products claiming to combat the oiliness of our facial skin, but do any of them actually really work?

My Life with Oily Skin

I have personally suffered from extremely oily skin ever since I was a teenager, and along with it came the occasional breakouts. I used to hate that I would have to deal with the oiliness every single day, as my friends usually teased me when it comes to it. They used to tell me that they can fry an egg on my forehead during hot and humid days! If that’s not humiliating, then I do not know what else is.

Finding the Solution

My search for the ultimate skincare product, which can help eliminate the oiliness in my skin, has begun. I jumped from product to product and nothing seemed to work until I found this one product that totally changed the game for me.

I am talking about Kedma Skincare’s amazing Skin Toner. This dramatically lessened the oiliness on my face and I have noticed a huge difference when it comes to my breakouts, as they were almost non-existent.

I have never found a product that has worked as well as this product worked on me. Most products usually do not do anything for my skin, while others made it worse — whether my skin becomes extremely dry on some areas or it becomes too oily. Kedma’s toner eliminates the extra oil on my face while still leaving the important oils on my skin. It doesn’t strip the natural oils, which make my skin glowing and naturally rosy. I seriously have never seen my skin look this good before!

The toner is specially formulated with aloe vera and Dead Sea minerals, which are both good for the skin. It also eliminates leftover makeup and dirt on my skin, making my skin squeaky smooth without appearing to be too dry. I make sure to use this product in the morning and before going to bed at night to make sure that I hydrate my skin at all times.

I also make sure to steer clear of different types of food that can affect my skin’s oiliness. I stay away from fried food as much as I can, as this can trigger breakouts and oiliness. I also make sure to hydrate my skin so the oils will be at bay. I also still keep an oil blotter with me so I can just keep the oil away, especially when the weather gets too hot. Compact and loose powders are a good bet, too, as long as you clean your face before putting it on.

If you have oily skin, then you should seriously try this product. It will change your life and will make you feel much more confident than ever before! Go ahead and cart it now then thank me later!